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I'm Kirsty, a Central Otago based Wedding Celebrant with over 10 years of public speaking experience. I specialise in personalised weddings & making your event memorable whilst holding true to the values of individuality, freshness & sparkle. If you're looking for a fun, friendly & professional Wedding Celebrant then please get in touch! 


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Kirsty Dugdale

About Me

Holding true to the values of Individuality, Freshness & Sparkle

Originally from the UK, I have a passion for travel and have lived in multiple countries before settling in beautiful Queenstown 10 years ago. 

Weddings By Kirsty was born in 2020 out of a passion for helping other people and wanting to give back to the community. I make the most important events in my clients’ lives as personable, memorable and as enjoyable as possible. With over 10 years of public speaking experience and a flare for romance and sparkle you can trust me to take care of your special day. I am organised and easy-going with a friendly persona and enjoy adding individual touches to each clients special day! 


Thoughtful Touches

Stunning and Memorable

Whatever the circumstances, I am here to make your event extra special. This service will help create a wonderful and unique experience for your guests. That’s why I make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you’ll get. I have lived in the region for 10 years and so would be delighted to offer any advice about putting your Wedding together.


Wedding Music Selection

Lively and Fun

Looking for some Entertainment options? Ask about my connections to Queenstown's best Wedding Band!


"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well"

Lord Chesterfield



Happy Customers, Happy Me

I’m not happy unless you're happy, I want to guarantee satisfaction, and ensure the vision for the event is realised and celebrated in the big day.


I consider Kirsty one of the most romantic people I know and I couldn’t think of a better quality for someone crafting a wedding ceremony to tell a couple’s story on their wedding day. She values the special moments in a couple’s relationship and understands the importance of celebrating them. She is optimistic and kind hearted by nature. She is open minded and respectful of others beliefs and decisions. Kirsty is very thoughtful, often thinking of how her actions will impact those around her. Her diverse personal interest enables her to make connections with the people she meets. She has a great ability to read a room, knowing when to have fun and when to be serious, when to be invisible and when to take charge of a situation or when to follow. She is a natural people person, finding the right tone for the moment.

Clancy Lyons (Hilton Hotels)

I couldn’t think of anyone better to help people formally recognise their relationships & share in the celebration of love with their friends & families. As well as being highly capable, dependable & professional, Kirsty is also one of the kindest, loveliest, most conscientious & upbeat people I’ve met & is perfectly suited to the marriage celebrant role. Her personable, happy & genuine nature will make people feel at ease immediately & her caring, empathetic approach will undoubtedly result in some beautiful & successful marriages.

Heidi Gillingham (GO with Tourism)

Kirsty shows aptitude in any task she completes. She is kind and caring and really wants our students to succeed. She is also extremely well organised and diligent. All the above are transferable skills which would suit her well for a Celebrant role.

Charlie Philips (CEO, QRC)

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